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What to Consider When Replacing Home Windows to Gain Energy Efficiency

Inefficient home windows can be a burden when it comes to heating and cooling a home. If you are ready to stop spending so much money on energy costs, purchasing new windows may be the best thing to do. Below, discover your options and what you are estimated to pay for more efficient home windows.

What Kind of Windows Are Good for Saving Energy?

Before investing in new windows for your house, you must consider the condition of the frames. Damaged frames can cause energy inefficiency no matter what kind of windows you get. If the frames only have minor damage, a contractor can simply repair them. Frames that are severely damaged will have to be rebuilt in order for your new windows to provide the fullest extent of efficiency.

It is a good idea to purchase windows that have more than one pane of glass when it comes to efficiency. Make sure that both panes of glass are thick, as low quality glass may still allow air to come in and out of your house. Double-pane windows should also be hermetically sealed to create an air pocket that is able to block out exterior air and moisture.

Paying for argon gas to be placed inside of the hermetic seal will give you more energy efficiency. What makes argon gas a good investment is that it is a lot denser than air. When you are running your heating and cooling system, none of the air will make it past the argon gas between the window panes. However, the gas can seep out over time and must be replaced. You won't smell or see the gas when it is seeping out, but will know it is happening because the windows will be less efficient.

How Much Are Home Window Replacements?

The price for your new windows will depend on the type that you opt for. The estimated price is a minimum of $300 for each window installed. The windows can cost $1,000 each on the highest end of the scale. Whether or not you need the frames to get rebuilt will also have an effect on the overall price.

Spending less money on energy costs can be a financial relief, especially if you run the heater a lot due to live in a cold region. Talk to a contractor like Five Star Windows Inc as soon as possible so he or she can start installing your energy efficient windows!