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3 Benefits To Tinting The Windows In Your Home

Residential window tinting is something that has become more common because of all of the benefits that come along with it. Not only does it reduce the amount of sun and the sun's glare that enters your home, but it has several other added benefits as well. This article will discuss 3 great benefits to tinting windows in your home. 

You Can Save Your Furniture From Fading

Overtime, the sun beaming into your home and onto your furniture can cause fading. This damage to your furniture can only be fixed by re-upholistering the furniture or buying new furniture altogether, which is quite an expensive fix. Instead of having to worry about where to place your furniture so that this doesn't happen, you can instead have the windows in your home tinted. The tint on the windows will reduce the amount of damaging rays coming through your window, which will in turn allow you to place your furniture wherever you'd like without the worry of it fading. 

Reduce Unwanted Energy Transfer

Another problem that comes along with simple glass windows is the unwanted energy transfer that escapes or enters through them. This means that a lot of the heat that is heating your home in the winter is lost through your windows, as well as the air conditioning that is cooling your home in the summer. On top of this, you have unwanted cool air entering your home through the windows in the winter and unwanted heat entering your home from outside in the summer. To help reduce these problems altogether, you can have a window tint placed on your windows. This tint provides an extra layer of protection to your windows, which greatly helps to reduce this unwanted transfer of energy. Some types of window tinting can even reduce your cooling costs by 50%.

Shatter Resistance 

While not all types of window tinting are created specifically for shatter resistance, some are. Because the window tint is essentially adding an extra layer of protection to your window and actually holding it together, this creates a more solid and secure window. Also, because the tint is placed on the interior of your window, it would stop the glass from shattering into your home if your window still did happen to break. Since window shattering is something that can be done accidentally or on purpose by someone who is trying to break into your home, it is a wonderful added comfort to know that your window tinting is providing this type of protection for you.