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When to Get Your Damaged Windshield Replaced

While a small chip in the glass might not be a big deal, more than one chip in a small area can make your windshield unsafe for your vehicle. You might have a small crack in your windshield, caused by a pebble from the road, and this can quickly worsen if you continue to drive your car. There are times when you can get a crack repaired, but you want to make sure that your view isn't disturbed by the repair. If you have more than one crack or a bunch of tiny divots on your windshield, a windshield replacement is necessary for your safety.

Here are some instances when it's time to take care of necessary repairs. 

The Cracks Close to the Edge

Small cracks or chips near the edge of your windshield usually indicate a need to replace the windshield. When there is damage close to the edge, it is more difficult to repair and can cause a weakened windshield that isn't safe to drive. When you have a damaged windshield, get your auto glass inspected to see what needs to be done for a repair. Don't drive around with a damaged windshield, and call for the help you need.

The Crack  Is Spreading

A tiny crack can be fixed when it isn't too close to the edge or in the line of sight of the driver. If the crack starts to spread and spiders out, the windshield needs to be replaced. Once the cracks spread in other directions, you need to stop driving your vehicle and get the windshield replaced immediately.

Get Your Windshield Damage Assessed

If your windshield is damaged and not safe to drive, you can call for a mobile windshield replacement. No matter where your car is located, a mobile windshield repair specialist can come to your vehicle and replace your windshield safely. If you need to have your windshield replaced while you are at work, a mobile windshield replacement technician can also come to your work and save you time. Get your windshield repaired or replaced when there are chips or cracks to keep you safe on the road.

Ultimately, if you care about your car, it might be difficult to know if you need to repair or replace your windshield. If you are not sure what to do about your windshield damage, it's time to contact a mobile windshield repair specialist to assess the structural integrity of your windshield. Your technician will recommend a replacement or repair of your windshield, depending on the extent of the damage.