Window Film Or Shutters: 3 Ideas That Will Help You Decide On Window Improvements

There are many repairs that you may need to do for your windows and doors, which can include adding features like shutters or window film. Both of these solutions have benefits, such as window film giving your protection from UV radiation and glare from sunlight. Shutters can be an attractive solution that give you storm protection. Here are some ideas that can help you choose whether to use window film or shutters for your home improvements: [Read More]

Getting New Windows? How You Can Reuse The Frames And Glass From Your Old Ones

If you are getting brand new windows for your home, you will have a lot of leftover window frames and glass from your old windows. Instead of throwing the frames and glass away, there are many things you can do with them. This will also help the environment as it keeps them out of the landfill. Below are four ideas to help you get started with this. Chalkboard If you have a window frame that does not have glass, put some chalkboard behind the window frame. [Read More]

Best Repair Options For Different Types Of Window Cracks

If you have a crack in one of your home windows, you may be debating whether to repair it yourself or take it to a glass repair shop. The answer often depends on what type of crack and what type of window you're dealing with. Here are some of your best options for repair based on different common cases. A Small Crack on an Inexpensive Window If you're dealing with a small crack on a window that would be easy to replace, then you may want to try a home repair first. [Read More]

Why Wood Is Still The Way To Go

Investing in new windows for your home is obviously a major investment so you want to consider all of the options. One of the biggest things you need to decide is what material you want your windows to be made out of. Many people are drawn to the practicality and cheap maintenance of plastic or fiberglass windows. But, some homeowners think these materials look cheap and have no style. They prefer the natural style and feel of raw wood windows. [Read More]