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Transforming A Bad Glass Break Into A Beautiful Work Of Art Using Fusion As A Method Of Glass Repair

Glass fusion can act as a method of glass repair, but only if the two pieces of glass you are attempting to fix are the same type of glass and they are not tempered glass. There are also certain brands of art glass for fusion that can universally meld with almost any other type of glass. That said, you can transform a broken window or split shower door into a work of art by using the following steps.

Consult with a Glass Artist or Take a Class

The glass artist can show you how to use the materials you will need to make a beautiful and creative repair. If you want a little more experience before you attempt to use glass fusion and repair your glass item, take a class. Usually a glass fusion class does not take more than a couple of hours on a weeknight or on a Saturday, and you may pick up a few extra pointers and ideas for your more important project. Once you are certain you know how glass fusion works and you have the right type of universal glass for your project, you can move to the next step.

Prepping the Two or Three Pieces of Broken Glass

If the glass item you are attempting to fix is absolutely shattered, do not utilize the fusion method as there are too many pieces to remove, replace and repair. If you only have two to four pieces, you can make this work, although the fewer the pieces the better. Prepare the broken pieces of glass by cleaning them, then lightly sand the edges where the glass broke off from the main piece. If you are working with a very large piece of glass such as a shower door or a screen door, you may need to borrow some work space in a glass artist's studio to make this work.

Cutting Strips of Art Glass and Adhering the Pieces Together

You can use a glass cutters to cut whatever shape and size of glass pieces you want out of your art glass. Using a special type of adhesive, you can temporarily secure the broken pieces of glass together, and then adhere the art glass to the areas where you see the seams of the broken glass. Next, carefully lift the entire glass piece and place it into a glass stove, which you may have to rent from a glass artist or use at a glass art studio. Follow the recommended amount of time needed to melt and permanently adhere the glass pieces together. Remove the project from the glass stove and allow the pieces to cool naturally and cool slowly. If they cool too quickly, they will only split and break again. Also, do not attempt this on curved glass by yourself; ask a glass artist to help with curved glass. If you are interested in purchasing glass, contact a business such as Action Glass.