Can You See It? Glass Damage That Is Hard To See And How To Repair It

Usually, when a customer comes into a glass repair shop to have the damages to their windows fixed, you can see why the customer is upset. The damage is visible, threatening to shatter, and/or is too dangerous to leave in place and drive around. Yet, there will be customers who come to the shop asking for damages to be fixed, and these damages are not so easily visible. When it is hard for a glass repair technician to see what you are talking about, it helps to find a way to A) reveal the damage, and B) ask for suggestions on how to fix it.

Top 4 Safety Reasons To Replace Your Car's Windshield

There are few things more annoying than driving down the road and having a rock or something else hard hit your windshield and cause a chip. While many people ignore these small chips, it doesn't take long for a chip to become a crack, and eventually a windshield can have a lot of damage to the glass. You may be tempted to drive with a cracked windshield, but doing so is a big mistake.

How To Keep Your Glass Shower Door From Getting Mildewy

It's an ideal situation for mold: warm, wet air that's refreshed every time someone takes a shower; minimal natural lighting if any; and, oftentimes, minimal ventilation. But that doesn't mean you have to sit back and let mildew take over the inside of your glass shower door from a place like Hanover Glass. Here are some techniques for reducing the possibility of mildew in and around this spot. Use antimicrobial surfaces You can buy surfaces that actually kill microbes.