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A Few Different Options For Shower Enclosures

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about having a new shower installed is why. If you are having it installed because you need more bathing facilities in your home, you should go with a stand-alone shower. However, if you are simply tired of sitting in a bathtub, you can add a showerhead to it. Once you know why, you can then choose which type of shower enclosure best fits in with your bathroom and your style.

Adding a Showerhead

Of course, the easiest way to keep the shower from spraying all over your bathroom is with a shower curtain. Of course, a curtain is not always enough of a barrier. If children are going to be using it, you can count on having a wet bathroom when they are done.

An alternative to shower curtains is to have a shower enclosure that consists of glass, or Plexiglas, doors installed. You can choose between doors that slide or swing. Most sliding doors will need some type of track to keep them from slipping off the side of the tub. The track will need to be cleaned regularly or it can become filled with dirt and soap sludge that will prevent the doors from sliding well. If you go with doors that swing, you do not need to have the tracks. However, your bathroom will need to have the right amount of space for the door to swing.

Stand-Alone Showers

If your bathroom has enough space, you can have a shower enclosure installed. This can be a simple, square stall that is placed in a corner, or a stall that takes up a whole wall. The enclosure may come in a self-contained unit that includes the walls and floor of the shower. You may also have the showerhead and plumbing put into the existing wall and floor. Of course, this means you will need to put tiles on the shower floor area, and tiles or some type of waterproof wallboard on the walls. You can then choose whether to have an entirely glass shower enclosure, one with a metal frame, or one that is made of tile or fiberglass walls with a glass door.

Shower enclosures can be simple, or they can be fancy. Do not make your final decision on what you want until you have spent time at a few different stores. You might be surprised at what is available. You should be able to find a shower enclosure that fits your bathroom's size and style, as well as your budget. To learn more about shower enclosures, contact a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc