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How To Design An Elegant Master Bathroom

Now that the holidays are behind you, you probably have mixed emotions. Part of you is sad that things like the beautiful Christmas lights and the traditional music of the holidays are gone. Another part of you is thankful that you can start new projects. If one of those projects is to design an elegant master bathroom, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something beautiful and unique.

The Walls - Wallpaper would be a wonderful choice, especially if you select a pattern that has metallic silver or gold in the design. If you would prefer paint for your walls, think of faux painting them to look like marble or like a fine tapestry. Another good idea for your walls would be to have a mural on at least one wall. Think of theatrical scenes which would add a truly unique feeling to your master bathroom. A scene from Madame Butterfly, Phantom of the Opera or My Fair Lady would all be great choices.

The Floors - Again, marble would be perfect. Enhance the floors with elegant area rugs for the front of each sink, the front of the bathtub and the front of the shower. Choosing rugs that will go in the washer and dryer will make life a lot easier for you.

The Cabinetry - Wood in either dark or light shades would be a great choice. Choose hardware that will add a feeling of formality to the room. For example, if you have selected a crystal chandelier for your bathroom, choose crystal drawer and cabinet pulls. If you have selected brass for your chandelier, brass would be a good choice for the hardware on your cabinets.

The Countertops - Tile, marble or granite countertops are all good selections. All three of them are easy to maintain and will last for a very long time.

The Bathtub and Shower - To add drama to the room, select a large walk-in shower with waterfall shower heads. The simplicity of seamless glass shower doors would add to the formal feeling of your master bathroom. An antique claw-foot bathtub, or a replica, would also add to the unique design you are establishing. Contact a company like Alabama Glass Works Inc for more help with shower door installation.

As you look for bathroom decor, look at antique shops and at small boutiques to find one-of-a-kind pieces that will maintain the elegant look you want to establish.