Installing Better Glass In My Home

The Best Commercial Window Security Features

After your business has been broken into, you might discover that the burglar broke inside through a window. These are often the weakest links in a business, but they do not have to be. More durable glass and other security features can make it harder for burglars to break into your business and get away with it. There are also several other features you should consider using.

Burglary-Resistant Glass

Windows designed to insulate a building also protect against burglary. Glass that is simply heat tempered is more resistant to breaking, but can still be broken by a burglar. Impact-resistant windows, on the other hand, are laminated. The glass is thicker and consists of two panes of glass in-between a layer of plastic. The plastic helps hold the glass together even after it has been heavily damaged. Currently, the most burglary-resistant glass is heavier. However, lighter glass is being developed that may be less expensive and can be supported by less heavily engineered building structures.

The advantage of laminated glass is that it helps deter smash-and-grab burglary. Even if a burglar does manage to break the glass, he or she will then need to bypass the plastic. The material will be very difficult to penetrate and many burglars can be apprehended before they finish the process. The burglar would have to strike several times in the same location, which would generate a lot of noise. Even better is glass that is sandwiched between wire. 

Multiple Locks

You might think that a burglar could simply reach in and unlock your window after breaking the glass, but if you have more than one lock, this is not actually as easy as it sounds. The more locks on the door, the more difficult it will be to reach inside and unlock all of them. This will not only deter the burglar but will also increase the time available for someone to discover what the burglar is up to.

An Alarm System

Don't forget to connect your security alarm to your window. There are alarm systems that detect when glass has been broken and will alert the authorities. Given how difficult it will be to get through your commercial glass, the police will have time to arrive and apprehend the criminal. Burglary-resistant commercial glass isn't enough to completely stop burglaries, but when combined with other methods, your business is much less likely to be the target of a burglary.

For further assistance, contact local commercial glass repair professionals.