Installing Better Glass In My Home

How To Install Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors on a bathtub basin can add style to your bathroom while also opening up the room and creating a more water tight barrier. Glass shower door systems are available at most home improvement store and they are surprisingly easy to install. Of course, you will need a few basic tools and the ability to lift and carry the large glass panel.

Installing the Side Tracks

The key to the installation is installing the tracks. The side tracks (that run vertically) will already be precut to the exact height. However, you will need to cut the bottom and top tracks to the right length. Cutting aluminum or vinyl frames is very easy. You can use a reciprocating saw with a metal blade, or you can make the cut with a handheld hacksaw. If your measurements are correct, you should only need to make 2 cuts for the entire job, so either tool should work fine.

The side tracks are installed first and they become a guide for the rest of the installation. However, you need to make sure both tracks are not only level, but also in line with each other. The best technique is to install one side and secure it to the wall. This is very simple because the tracks have predrilled holes indicating where to attach the screws. All you need is a power drill. The screws are also included in the kit.

Once the first track is installed, you need to cut the bottom track to length. Set the bottom track in place and check the measurement along several spots on the edge of the bathtub basin. This way you can ensure that the track is in line with the basin. Mark the bottom point of the wall and install the side track, but only drill the bottom screws. Now, cut the top track to size, and place it onto the track system. Check the levelness of the top and side tracks before marking where the top of the side track should be drilled down. This is important because the track could be slightly bent.

Once the side tracks are secure to the wall, you just need to attach the top track. It will snap right into place. Most system don't require any screws to attach the top track. Finally, hanging the glass doors is the easiest part of the job. But, be careful because the large doors can be hard to handle. it is definitely safer if you have two people on this task. For assistance, talk to a professional like Mitchell's Glass & Mirror.