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Best Repair Options For Different Types Of Window Cracks

If you have a crack in one of your home windows, you may be debating whether to repair it yourself or take it to a glass repair shop. The answer often depends on what type of crack and what type of window you're dealing with. Here are some of your best options for repair based on different common cases.

A Small Crack on an Inexpensive Window

If you're dealing with a small crack on a window that would be easy to replace, then you may want to try a home repair first. There are a number of glass glue products that you can try to hold the glass pieces in place. You'll have the opportunity to potentially save money on a repair, and if not, you'll risk little if you end up needing to replace the window pane after all. 

A Small Crack on a One-Of-A-Kind Window

On the other hand, if you're working with an irreplaceable window such as a stained glass piece or a rare texture glass, then it may be better to leave the job to a professional glass repair shop. This is especially true if your cracked window pane is one in a series of identical panes. While glass glue can be effective, there are several risks and glass can be temperamental. Your best chance for saving a unique piece of glass is handing it over to experienced professionals right away. 

A Medium to Large Crack on a Newer Window

When you're looking at a medium to large crack on a new and efficient window, then the best option sways more towards replacing the pane only. Your glass repair technician will need to fit aa new piece of glass to your existing frame to make sure that it is the right size and thickness. Keeping the frame in place helps to cut down your costs. 

A Medium to Large Crack on an Older Window

If your window and frame are quite old, there can be benefits to replacing the window frame and all. Newer frames can provide more insulation as well as creating a sleeker look in the home. When possible, have a local glass company (such as One Cut Glass) present you a comparison estimate so that you can see how the cost compares to your other options. 

So, there are a couple of options for repair, and your decision will depend on how much risk you're willing to take on and the potential benefits of replacement.