Installing Better Glass In My Home

Getting New Windows? How You Can Reuse The Frames And Glass From Your Old Ones

If you are getting brand new windows for your home, you will have a lot of leftover window frames and glass from your old windows. Instead of throwing the frames and glass away, there are many things you can do with them. This will also help the environment as it keeps them out of the landfill. Below are four ideas to help you get started with this.


If you have a window frame that does not have glass, put some chalkboard behind the window frame. You can attach the board using hot glue or framing nails. Hang the window frame on the wall. You can also attach coat hooks at the bottom of the frame. This gives your family a place to write down messages, such as if they need something from the store, as well as hang up their coats to keep them from throwing them down. You could keep the frames as they are to look like a distressed wood, or you could paint them with wood paint to match the inside décor of your home.

Bulletin Board

Window frames make great bulletin boards. Simply hot glue a piece of corkboard on the back of the window frame. Try to keep the frame intact as much as you can. This helps the window look rustic, or you could paint it. Purchase some push pins and then let your children and/or spouse post messages there. This also works great for teenagers to have in their room.

Faux Stained Glass

You can faux stain the glass to make it look very unique. You could hang the window on the inside of your home to give the room a unique look. Make sure the glass is completely intact in the window, however, so it will not fall out.


If you love to garden and have always wanted a greenhouse, this is the perfect time to make one. The old windows are perfect for this as they provide the right protection for the plants and also allow the sun to shine through. Even if you only have a few windows, you could still make a mini greenhouse. If the green house is very small, you could use it as a decoration in your yard.

Make sure you talk with the contractor before your residential glass replacement so they will know to carefully set the old windows aside for you to use.