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Window Film Or Shutters: 3 Ideas That Will Help You Decide On Window Improvements

There are many repairs that you may need to do for your windows and doors, which can include adding features like shutters or window film. Both of these solutions have benefits, such as window film giving your protection from UV radiation and glare from sunlight. Shutters can be an attractive solution that give you storm protection. Here are some ideas that can help you choose whether to use window film or shutters for your home improvements:

1. Window Films For An Affordable Solution For Energy Improvements

If you are looking for an affordable solution to make your home more efficient, you may want to consider window film for your window improvements. Window films can be great for homes with older windows and historic windows, but they are not limited to older homes. In addition to making glass more energy efficient, they also help protect from UV radiation exposure and problems with glare in areas of your home that get direct sunlight.

2. Conventional Shutters To Help Block The Sun And Protect Against Storm Damage

Shutters are a more traditional option that you may want to consider to make your windows more efficient. Conventional shutters that are operational can be opened and closed to block sunlight and prevent heat gain and energy loss. They are also a good solution if you want to have window improvements that can also protect your home from storm damage. If you want to have shutters that provide your home with storm protection, look for shutters that are made out of solid materials and that have a wind rating for the weather conditions they can withstand.

3. Installing Modern Roll-up Shutters To Give Your Home Energy Efficiency And Automation

There are also more modern shutters that are a little different than conventional solutions. Roll-up shutters are installed on the outside of the window and can be raised and lowered like blinds that you have inside your home. They can also be automated with electrical motors and controls to give you more control over the shutters and allow you to get more practical use out of them to save energy. Most of the roll-up shutters installed on the outside of homes today are rated for storm resistance and specifically designed for homes that have frequent severe weather.

These are some solutions that can help you decide on the right kind of improvements that you want to do for your home. If you need help with improvements, contact a window contractor and talk with them about some of these solutions for your home. For more information, check out sites like