Installing Better Glass In My Home

Tips for Decorating Your Glass Patio Space

Installing a glass patio area is a great way to expand your recreational living space and capitalize on the sunshine and seasonal weather. If you've recently built a glass-wall patio space with glass from a company such as First Class Glass, it's time to focus on decorating. Here are a few things to consider as you start choosing your furniture and other decor.

Select Functional Furniture

The first choice you should make is to select furniture. Think about what you want to use the patio for to help you decide on the best option. If your patio is going to be a casual environment, invest in some love seats, couches, and tables. Those will encourage people to relax and enjoy themselves. If you're thinking about using it for a home office or extra dining area, consider your selections accordingly.

When you figure out exactly what you plan to use the patio for, it's time to start thinking about materials. You'll want furniture that isn't vulnerable to sun fading. The patio glass will allow lots of sunlight in, and that's going to damage anything that isn't fade-resistant. For example, wicker is a great material for resisting sun damage.

Consider Your Supplemental Decor Carefully

Look for throw pillows, rugs, blinds, and draperies that are made for most any environment. If the patio room isn't climate-controlled, you'll want to add a floor pad that's resistant to mold and mildew. That way, any moisture accumulation from the temperature fluctuation isn't going to damage the carpeting.

When you start investing in these furnishings, choose light colors to help maintain the bright space. Light colors are also ideal for areas with lots of sunlight because they aren't as vulnerable to fading.

The blinds or draperies will provide you with a way to either block or filter some of the sunlight, which will help when you struggle with glare. You can even have your patio-glass contractor help you with applying a sun-filtering tint on the outside of the glass. You can have a film applied that blocks ultraviolet rays without minimizing the sunlight benefit. Since most people choose a glass patio for the light benefit, this is a great investment.

Talk with your patio-glass contractor today to see what kind of glass treatment might work for your needs. Then, use these tips to help you find the right furniture and decor for the space. The more selective you are about what you put into the space, the longer your furniture investment is likely to last.