Installing Better Glass In My Home

Shower Curtain Dangers

Like most people, you try to make your home as safe as you can. You avoid the use of chemicals whenever possible, keep harmful items out of the reach of children, and fix potentially dangerous areas in your home. One thing you may overlook is your vinyl shower curtain. It may look relatively harmless, but it can harm you or your family. Replacing it is an excellent idea.


Many shower curtains contain the chemical PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, a material that can release dangerous chemicals into the air. These phthalates have been linked to a number of physical ills, including cancer, asthma, birth defects, and infertility. If you enjoy hot showers, the risk of exposure to phthalates is raised since heat and steam exacerbate their release. You can make your shower healthier by choosing a frameless shower enclosure installed.


Mold is a nasty fungus that blossoms in warm, damp places like bathrooms. Unfortunately, it can also thrive on your shower curtain. Mold is unsightly, but more importantly, it is a serious health risk. Those with respiratory conditions or illnesses are especially vulnerable to mold and can see their breathing symptoms worsen in its presence. Some people are specifically allergic to mold, so minimizing its presence is a necessity for some families.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

If you have a frameless shower enclosure installed, you can make your bathroom safer and healthier. Frameless shower glass is thicker and so is much harder to break. Since no frame is necessary, mold and mildew cannot hide in the cracks and crevices. If any mold develops on the glass, it is easily removed, unlike when mold develops on plastic shower curtains. Also, a sturdy glass enclosure can help you keep your children from harm. First, they are always clearly visible, so you can easily check on them. Small children often tug on shower curtains, sometimes pulling them down on their heads. This can be a dangerous and scary event for a young child. Finally, glass enclosures do not give off any dangerous chemicals, making them an excellent choice for your bathroom.

If you are considering making some changes in your home, look at replacing your shower curtain with a frameless glass enclosure. You will eliminate harmful emissions, limit bathroom mold, and protect your little ones. Also, glass enclosures add a design element to your bathroom that is often attractive to potential home buyers. 

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