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How To Keep Your Glass Shower Door From Getting Mildewy

It's an ideal situation for mold: warm, wet air that's refreshed every time someone takes a shower; minimal natural lighting if any; and, oftentimes, minimal ventilation. But that doesn't mean you have to sit back and let mildew take over the inside of your glass shower door from a place like Hanover Glass. Here are some techniques for reducing the possibility of mildew in and around this spot.

Use antimicrobial surfaces

You can buy surfaces that actually kill microbes. The most widely available ones don't include glass but they do include the other types of surfaces in your bathroom so maybe you could get an antimicrobial shower floor, which could do some good. However, several groups have also been working on developing antimicrobial glass and antimicrobial glass coatings, and it is possible to find antimicrobial shower doors on the market although they aren't widespread yet.

Spray with vinegar 

Vinegar is a well-known natural remedy to help kill or prevent mold and mildew. So if you have a problem with mildew on your glass shower door or partition, simply keep a spray bottle of half-water, half-vinegar solution and mist the surface every few days. Be careful if you have a sensitive material such as natural stone in your shower area, though, because vinegar is quite a strong acid and can damage stone's finish. Another bit of home wisdom is to add a few drops of tea tree oil to your vinegar solution and shake it up before use (oil tends to separate out, so you may have to shake it up each time you use it). Tea tree oil is a powerful antifungal agent, and it's often used as a home treatment for problems such as athlete's foot. Of course, both vinegar and tea tree oil have strong scents that you may not like, so if you really hate the way one of them smells, use the other one instead.

Let in air and light

The more natural light you can get in the bathroom, the more UV rays you can get to work for you on killing mildew and mold. So leave the curtains open as often as possible and consider leaving the window open too (of course don't open the window if it's super humid outside though). Fresh air and air circulation are also enemies of mold and mildew. Instead of opening the window, you may prefer to improve your indoor air quality by using a dehumidifier and some fans to keep drier air moving throughout the room.

These tips will help you and your shower stay healthy, mildew-free, and shiny-clean.