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Three Reasons to Get Shades Built into Your Windows

The more windows your home has, the more open your home is likely to look. Being able to use the light and energy from the sun will decrease your electricity bill, and it will make your home look like a larger space. Windows can come with their share of issues, largely because you want to be able to control the amount of light and heat that gets into the home. If you are getting your windows made, you should get shades built into the windows. Here are three reasons to go with built-in shades when investing in residential windows. 

1. Built-in window treatments save room

If your windows come with their own pull-down or electronic shades, you will save a lot of the space near your windows. Adding window treatments often means adding a bar in front of the window, meaning several inches of space will need to be blocked off. Saving space means that you leave more usable square footage to your home. This will allow you to add a window seat for a reading nook or give you the space to include some decorations near the exterior of your home. If you want to add a key or hat rack next to or above the window, this will be no issue with thin window treatments. 

2. These shades will always be the right size

Finding the right size shade for windows that you have custom made can be difficult. Often, if you are interested in fabric or blind treatments, you will need to wait for the windows to come in and then have them measured and fitted with the right treatment. This is a time-consuming process, and it can lead to a number of disappointments before you find the right window cover. Having a built-in treatment means that you never have to worry about having the window fitted with anything. The shades will last for as long as the window. 

3. These can be painted or touched up as necessary

Getting white or off-white shades added to the windows will provide you with the perfect neutral shade. If you decide that you want to add a little bit of flair to the window treatments, you can paint them. Changing the color will be no problem, as you can prime and paint over them again. This will be an economical solution to having different window treatments to match furniture changes or a change in your decoration theme. Be sure to select a treatment that can be painted or spray painted as necessary. 

If you're considering getting residential window treatments for your home, talk to an experienced distributor, such as Economy Glass Inc.