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2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Bathroom's Glass Shower Door

If your shower enclosure has an old glass door that is starting to show its age, you may wonder whether or not you should think about getting a new one. If so, look for the following signs that your bathroom's glass shower door is no longer doing its job and should be replaced.

1.  Water on the Floor after a Shower

One of the first signs you may notice when trying to determine whether your glass shower door should be replaced is found outside of your shower's enclosure. Every time you take a shower, you may start finding puddles of water on the floor directly outside of the door before you ever get out of the shower.

If there is water on the floor, chances are there are tiny cracks in the glass or gaps in the frame that are allowing water to escape. While this may seem like only a nuisance because you have to wipe up the water after every shower, this situation could be causing unseen damage.

If water is escaping the shower enclosure, there is a good chance that it is seeping through gaps in the enclosure's exterior, as well as in your bathroom floor's tiles. When this happens, the underlying wood is getting and staying wet. This then increases the chances that the wood will rot, weakening your floor and support structures.

2.  Metal Frame Has Started to Rust

Another sign that your shower door is in need of replacing is when you start seeing rust on its metal frame. This rust not only makes your door unsightly, but it can also weaken the integrity of the glass's structure.

When you first notice the rust, it is difficult to determine just how deep the corrosion goes inside of the frame. Even if there is only surface rust, normal use of your shower will continue to expose it to moisture from water and steam, which only makes the corrosion worse.

Eventually, the rust will penetrate deep into the metal, making the frame weak. When this happens, there is an increased chance that the sudden impact of shutting the door will cause the frame to break, which could break or shatter the glass and cause injury to whoever is trying to take a shower at that moment.

When your shower door starts showing the above signs, you should seriously consider having it replaced soon. Contact a company that offers custom glass shower doors to discuss your options for replacing your old door with a new one designed to fit your shower enclosure.