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How To Make Your Bathroom Look More Modern

A modern bathroom gives your home a clean and simplistic feeling. From installing new lighting fixtures to glass shower doors, these things make your bathroom feel very comfy. To make your bathroom look more modern, you need to ensure that you use geometric patterns and shapes, minimal colors, vintage furniture, and clean lines. Doing that will help you convert your bathroom into a place of comfort and cleanliness.

You need to understand that your bathroom is the most used space in your home, particularly by visitors. Therefore, you should aim to make it more modern and presentable. Here are few ideas to assist you make your bathroom more modern.

Simple and Clutter-Free Design

When it comes to modern bathrooms, simplicity always wins. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep the bathroom space open and free of any clutter. In the case of storing personal items, use built-in cabinets and shelves. Don't keep your novelty and toiletry items in your bathroom space since they can end up cluttering the bathroom.

Some ideas for a simple bathroom design include:

  • Fix a framed mirror on the bathroom wall

  • Hang some framed prints in the bathroom

  • You can include a floor-to-ceiling mirror

  • Display the wood and concrete elements in the bathroom

  • Don't forget to add some small potted flowers in the bathroom

Install a Freestanding Bathtub

These types of bathtubs are very common in modern bathrooms. However, you should make sure that you balance everything when installing the bathtub. Therefore, you should place the bathtub in an area that enhances the appearance of your bathroom. Traditional bathtubs come in an oval shape. However, you can choose to install a pedestal or rectangular tub in your bathroom.

Adding Some Greenery

When you add some greenery in the bathroom, you get to create an indoor and outdoor connection in your bathroom. Modern bathroom designs coincides with organic designs. That means, natural outdoor spaces should mesh easily with your indoor bathroom space. Therefore, you can add some indoor plants in your bathroom to give it an outdoor feeling.


It is important to understand that lighting is an essential part of modern bathroom designs. Today, you can easily get a wide variety of lighting choices that you can choose from. Modern bathroom designs are all about geometric and line shapes; therefore, you need to put that into consideration when purchasing your bathroom windows, light fixtures, or when installing the lights.

But, it is important to make sure that the light quality is more essential that the light fixtures. Also, you can decide to add skylights, which can make your bathroom look more appealing by adding natural light. For more information, reach out to companies like Master Glass & Mirror LLC.