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Stop The Crack From Growing: Tips To Keep Your Windshield Crack From Growing In The Summer

During the summer months, a crack or chip on your windshield can grow quickly. This is because heat causes your auto glass to expand, which ultimately forces a crack or chip to grow. Getting the crack or chip repaired right away is recommended as it helps to prevent the crack from growing. However, if you have to wait because for time or money reasons, there are a few tips you can follow to minimize the chances of the crack growing. Here are a few tips to keep your windshield chip or crack from growing in the summer. 

Park in a Garage or the Shade

If you have a crack in your windshield, you should always try to park in your garage, under a carport, under a covered parking space, or in the shade. This minimizes the amount of direct sunlight that hits your windshield, which in turn, reduces the heat that your windshield is exposed to. Preventing the windshield from heating up can prevent it from expanding, which can prevent the chip or crack from growing. 

Never Use A Windshield Cover

Another way to reduce the chances of a chip or crack growing during the summer months is to never use a windshield cover. Windshield covers are designed to either absorb heat from the sun or reflect heat from the sun, keeping the inside of your car cooler. But, having a cover that either reflects heat or absorbs heat causes your windshield to get warmer. This can actually lead to the crack or chip growing faster as the heat is sitting right on the glass. 

Avoid Washing Your Car

Finally, avoid washing your car until your auto glass has been repaired. When it is hot outside and you wash your car, you are spraying cooler water on your windshield. This causes the auto glass to contract. While contracting itself does not lead to a crack growing, eventually, the auto glass will warm back up and begin to expand again. Contraction and expansion can lead to a crack growing or can cause a damaged windshield to shatter. 

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield, you will want to have it repaired as quickly as possible. Waiting too long allows the crack or chip to grow, which may be the difference between a chip or crack being able to be repaired versus needing your entire windshield replaced. Contact an auto glass service today to schedule an appointment to have your auto glass repaired today.