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Vandals Putting Graffiti On Your Commercial Windows? 3 Benefits Of Installing Graffiti Window Film

If you are having problems with vandals putting graffiti on your commercial windows, there are things you can do about this, one of which is using graffiti window film. Below are three benefits of choosing this type of film so you can decide if you would like to get this installed on your windows.

Save You Time and Money

If you have graffiti on your windows this will take a lot of time to clean up. This is especially true if the vandal used permanent markers. In a case like this, the marker would have to be scraped off with a razer in many cases or you would need to use chemicals to remove the graffiti.

Some vandals may etch graffiti in the glass using tools. This can be impossible to remove, and you would have to replace the glass in most cases.  Replacing window glass can be expensive, especially if you have to replace a lot of windows.

Protects the Glass

The main benefit of graffiti window film is it protects the glass on your windows. When you place the film on the window, this puts a protective layer over the glass. This layer is durable and can protect the glass from graffiti marks, including paints, markers, and inks.

If your windows do get vandalized, you can easily remove the graffiti window film. You should then see window glass that has no damage. Once you remove the film you can then easily put on a new film in its place.  The film will come with complete instructions on placing it on your windows.

Protects Tinted Film

If you already have tinted window film on your windows to keep the sun's harmful rays out of the interior of your business, this would cost you even more money to replace if the windows with the tinted film are damaged due to graffiti. This is especially true if you had the windows tinted before you purchased them. If you placed the tinted film on your windows on your own, you would have to replace the film if it were to be damaged due to graffiti.

To prevent this, if you use graffiti window film this not only protects the window glass but also protects the tinted film from becoming damaged.

Talk with a salesperson that sells graffiti window film to learn of other benefits this will off your and your company. You can also contact a company such as American  Glass Tint Inc.