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The Benefits & Drawbacks of a Frameless Shower Door

When it comes to changing out the shower door in your home, you have a few different options. One of them is to install frameless shower doors in your home. Before installing a frameless shower door, you need to make sure you clearly understand the benefits and drawbacks of installing this type of door in your shower.  

Benefit #1: Ultimate Customization 

When it comes to installing a new shower door in your bathroom, a frameless shower door is often one of the best options because it can be completely customized. Because a frameless shower door is made from glass, the size of the shower door can be completely customized. You don't have to go with a standard size for your shower door. This can be really freeing, as you can customize the size of your shower door to fit your particular design and functions needs.  

Drawback #1: Increased Cost 

When it comes to a frameless shower door, the fact that you can customize the size of the shower door, also means that you will have to pay for that customization. Getting a custom frameless shower door is more than just purchasing a standard sized door; it's an investment. You need to be prepared for the increased cost if you want to get something that is made just for your home. 

Benefit #2: They Look Great 

When it comes to frameless shower doors, there is no denying that the frameless shower doors look really great. A frameless shower does are missing the annoying rubber or metal that have to go around most shower doors, and don't have any distracting or annoying frame around them. Frameless shower doors are more aesthetically appealing than more shower door options. Frameless shower doors allow you to show off the tiling inside of your shower and make your entire bathroom feel larger and more spacious.  

Drawback #2: Leaking Water 

One of the drawbacks of not having a frame around the shower door is that there is generally a gap between the shower door and the rest of the shower. This gap exists because there is no frame around the shower door, and thus there is a little gap. You may find that enough water will pass through and onto the floor. Luckily, this little gap can be minimized with the right installation process.  

You can ask more about glass shower enclosures by contacting a few local contractors and services.