The Best Commercial Window Security Features

After your business has been broken into, you might discover that the burglar broke inside through a window. These are often the weakest links in a business, but they do not have to be. More durable glass and other security features can make it harder for burglars to break into your business and get away with it. There are also several other features you should consider using. Burglary-Resistant Glass Windows designed to insulate a building also protect against burglary. [Read More]

How To Select The Right Windows For Your Tiny House

In order to escape the burdens associated with a traditional home loan, many Americans are making the choice to invest in affordable tiny houses. If you are thinking of moving into a tiny home, it's important that you understand the important role windows can play in enhancing the floor plan of such a small space. Here are three types of windows that you will want to include in your tiny home in the future. [Read More]

How To Design An Elegant Master Bathroom

Now that the holidays are behind you, you probably have mixed emotions. Part of you is sad that things like the beautiful Christmas lights and the traditional music of the holidays are gone. Another part of you is thankful that you can start new projects. If one of those projects is to design an elegant master bathroom, here are some ideas that might inspire you to plan something beautiful and unique. [Read More]

A Few Different Options For Shower Enclosures

The first thing to consider when you are thinking about having a new shower installed is why. If you are having it installed because you need more bathing facilities in your home, you should go with a stand-alone shower. However, if you are simply tired of sitting in a bathtub, you can add a showerhead to it. Once you know why, you can then choose which type of shower enclosure best fits in with your bathroom and your style. [Read More]